M-501 (Artila)

Linux-ready ARM9 Embedded System-on-Module (SOM)

  • ATMEL AT91RM9200 CPU, 200MIPS @180MHz
  • 64MB SDRAM, 16MB NOR FLASH memory
  • One 10/100 Mbps Ethernet interface
  • Two USB 2.0 Host ports
  • One SD (secure digital) interface
  • Four 921.6kbps UARTs
  • I2C (Inter-IC) bus
  • I2S (Inter-IC Sound) bus,one transmitter and one receiver
  • SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface)
  • GPIO: 32x pins, CMOS/TTL-level
  • 8-bit local bus (A0-A7, D0-D7), with 4x chip selects
  • Small footprint, 80x50mm ony
  • Ultra low power consumption, less than 2.5W
  • Linux 2.6.x OS is pre-built, supports file system
  • GNU C/C++ tool chain is included
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